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Guided Tours


We currently offer public guided tours of the tower ruin and the new church with its characteristic blue stained glass. We climb the tower ruin and explore the history of the old Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and its transformation from a national monument of the late 19th century to an international site of rememberance, peace and reconciliation. In a tour of the new church from the late 1950s and early 60s we explore the architecture and design by Egon Eiermann, the stained glass windows by Gabriel Loire and let you experience a walkway between the two stained glass walls of the church.

The tours are free of charge, but we recommend a donation of at least 5,00 Euro pro person. For more information on the dates and the registration and admission details, please contact us at fuehrungen@gedaechtniskirche-berlin.de.

We also offer individual, fee-based tours. Pleace contact us at fuehrungen@gedaechtniskirche-berlin.de.